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Rosen, Ralph M., Ph.D.

Ralph M. Rosen, Ph.D.
Vartan Gregorian Professor of the Humanities and Undergraduate Chair in the Department of Classical Studies
Associate Dean for Graduate Education, School of Arts and Sciences (2008–2013)
Date appointed: 2011

Ralph Rosen earned a B.A. in Greek and Latin from Swarthmore College in 1977. He received an M.A. in 1979 and a Ph.D. in 1983 in Classical Philology from Harvard University. His research and teaching interests include Greek literature and intellectual history, ancient comic and satirical literary genres, and ancient medicine. Prof. Rosen came to Penn in 1983 as a member of the Department of Classical Studies. In 2006 he was named Rose Family Endowed Term Professor. In 1996 he was a co-founder of Penn's Center for Ancient Studies, and has served intermittently as its Director. He also co-organized with Ineke Sluiter, Professor of Greek at the University of Leiden, the biennial Penn-Leiden Colloquia on Ancient Values, which began in 2000. In 2008 Ralph Rosen was the Jay C. and Ruth Halls Visiting Scholar in Classics at the University of Wisconsin and also a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Currently he is serving his second term as Associate Dean for Graduate Studies in the School of Arts and Sciences at Penn, an appointment that began in 2008 (and ends July 2013). In July 2012, Prof. Rosen began a three-year term on the Kolb executive committee as a director of the Kolb Foundation. In 2012 he was also a Fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies.

Prof. Rosen has published Making Mockery: The Poetics of Ancient Satire, Oxford University Press, 2007, and Old Comedy and the Iambographic Tradition, APA American Classical Studies 19, 1988. He has edited Time and Temporality in the Ancient World, Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Museum Press, 2004; and several volumes with Ineke Sluiter featuring papers from the Penn-Leiden Colloquia, all published by Brill (Leiden): Aesthetic Value in Classical Antiquity, 2012; Valuing Others in Classical Antiquity, 2010; Kakos: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity, 2008; City, Countryside and the Spatial Organization of Value in Classical Antiquity, 2006; Free Speech in Classical Antiquity, 2004; and Andreia: Manliness and Courage in Classical Antiquity, 2002. His numerous articles include the recent publications: "Satire in the Republic: from Lucilius to Horace," in S. Braund and J. Osgood, eds., Blackwell Companion to Persius and Juvenal, 2012, 19–40; “Efficacy and Meaning in Ancient and Modern Political Satire: Aristophanes, Lenny Bruce and Jon Stewart,” Social Research 79.1, Spring 2012, 1–32; and “Spaces of Sickness in Greco-Roman Medicine,” in P. Baker, K. van't Land, and H. Nijdam, eds., Medicine and Space: Body, Surroundings and Borders in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, Leiden: Brill 2011, 227–43.

Prof. Rosen has delivered lectures and presented papers throughout the United States and internationally. In 2011 he was the Bertrand Lecturer in Classics at UC San Francisco, the Rothman Foundation Lecturer at the University of Florida, and the Endowed Ostwald Memorial Lecturer at the University of Tel Aviv. In 2012 he spoke on "Efficacy and Temporality in Greek Poetry of Invective and Satire" as the Battle Lecturer at the University of Texas, Austin, and "Archaic Iambos and the Efficacy of Poetic Invective," at the Université de Paris, I (Sorbonne). He also presented his research on Galen at the Penn-Leiden Colloquia on Ancient Values that he co-organized in June 2012 and at the University of Illinois in April 2012.


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