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Holzman, Sam

Sam Holzman
Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World Graduate Group
Elected: 2015

Sam is a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in the Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World (AAMW). He received his B.A. in Classics and Archaeology from Brown University and an M.Phil. in Classics from the University of Cambridge. In 2014, he completed his M.A. thesis at Penn on the tortoise shell lyres from Gordion, which received third prize from the MOISA (the International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage) research award for M.A. theses.

Sam excavates in Greece and Turkey at the Molyvoti, Thrace, Archaeological Project and the Gordion Archaeological Project, and has previously conducted fieldwork at Troy. Ancient Greek architecture is the focus of Sam’s research, and he maintains a wide range of interests, including the archaeology of Anatolia, archaeomusicology, and 3D digital modeling. Sam is beginning his dissertation research as a Fulbright Fellow in Greece and Associate Member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2015–16). He was awarded the Gorham Phillips Stevens fellowship in 2016 to continue for a second year at the American School. Sam ‘s dissertation, provisionally titled “Ionic Architecture and Local Identities in the North Aegean,” examines the trends in the Ionic order (such as the late 4th century “Ionian Renaissance”) from a regional perspective.

Sam has delivered six conference papers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Italy: "Bauforschung in 3D: Building a Temple in the ‘Modeling Hermogenes’ Seminar" at Against Gravity: Building Practices in the Pre-Industrial World in Philadelphia (2015); "Phrygian Music in Context: the Tortoise Shell Lyres from Gordion" at Epichoreia XI in New York (2015); "Tortoise Shell Lyres from Gordion: Polyphony in Context" at the 116th AIA/SCS Annual Meeting in New Orleans (2015); "The Phrygian Lyra? New Evidence for Stringed Music at Iron Age Gordion" at MOISA VII in Urbino, Italy (2014); "Soumak and the Wavy-Line Style: The Interchange of Textile Designs and Geometric Painted Pottery in 9th-century Phrygia" at the 115th AIA/APA Annual Meeting in Chicago (2014); "Reexamining the Painted House of Gordion" at the 114th AIA/APA Annual Meeting in Seattle (2013); and "Making Sense of Ceramic Pegs: the Case of the Painted House at Gordion" at Art Through Millennia in Cambridge, England (2012). Sam recently published an article entitled "Tortoise Shell Lyres from Phrygian Gordion" in the American Journal of Archaeology (2016). 

Sam also serves as an alumnus trustee on the Board of Trustees of College Year in Athens.


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