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More About The Kolb Fellows

The Louis J. Kolb Society of Fellows includes a select group of students and professors at the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated students and former professors who now hold positions outside of Penn: the senior fellows are standing Penn faculty, the junior fellows and newly elected fellows are current graduate students at Penn, the fellows were once students at Penn who have graduated from the program, and the emeritus fellows are past senior fellows and past Kolb presidents. The fellows are appointed or chosen based on their commitment to the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, art history, and ancient history and their connection to the Penn Museum. Kolb fellows are involved in research and exploration throughout the world, studying Old World and New World cultures that range in time span from earliest humankind to modern societies. The Kolb Society is made up of professionals, educators, and graduate students, pre-eminent scholars, and specialists in the fields of Aegean Prehistory, African Studies, American Archaeology, Ancient History, Andean Archaeology, Art and Archaeology of Late Antiquity, Art History, Anthropology, Assyriology, Bioarchaeology, Classical Archaeology, East Asian Archaeology, East Asian Art, Egyptology, Eurasian Archaeology, European Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, History, Islamic Art, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Medieval Studies, Near Eastern Archaeology, Paleolithic Archaeology, Physical Anthropology, South Asian Archaeology, and South Asian Art.