University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Third Annual Kolb Junior Fellows Spring Colloquium

May 6, 2008

Prof. Renata Holod, Senior Fellow

Aubrey Baadsgaard (Anthropology)
Uniforms and Nonconformities: Tensions and Trends in Fashions in Early Dynastic Mesopotamia

Respondent: Prof. C. Brian Rose, Senior Fellow

Jane Hickman (Anthropology)
The Cultural Biography of a Gold Diadem from Mochlos, Crete

Respondent:  Prof. Jerry Sabloff, Emeritus Fellow

Günder Varinlioğlu (Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World)
Rural Landscapes of Isauria between Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Respondent: Dr. Richard Hodges, Williams Director and President of the Kolb Society