University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Fourth Annual Kolb Junior Fellows Spring Colloquium

May 5, 2009

Christopher Thornton (Anthropology)
Escaping the Levantine Paradigm:  The Metallurgy of Tepe Hissar, NE Iran

Respondent:  Prof. C. Brian Rose, Senior Fellow

Bryan Miller (East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
A Historical Archaeological Approach to Understanding Power Politics in the Xiongnu Empire

Respondent:  Prof. Renata Holod, Senior Fellow

Elif Unlu (Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World)
Technological and Stylistic Evaluation of the Early Bronze Age Pottery at Tarsus-Gözlükule: Pottery Production and its Interaction with Economic, Social and Cultural Spheres

Respondent:  Dr. Richard Hodges, Williams Director of the Penn Museum and President of the Kolb Society.