University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

Robert Dyson holding up the golden bowl from Hasanlu

Photo courtesy of the Penn Museum, image #148612

Dr. Robert H. Dyson, Jr., Emeritus Fellow, founding President of the Louis J. Kolb Society of Fellows was instrumental in conceptualizing and organizing the Kolb Society. He is pictured here holding aloft a golden bowl from the site of Hasanlu, Iran in 1958. The picture is housed in the Penn museum archive and was featured in the January 12, 1959, issue of Life magazine in the article "The Secrets of a Golden Bowl" (pp. 55–60).

In a manner similar to the Penn museum, the Kolb Society has a long-standing commitment to archaeological research and the investigation and publication of artifacts from excavation and museum settings. Due to its intrinsic makeup, the Kolb Society maintains connections to excavation and archaeological endeavors throughout the world. Kolb society junior fellows, fellows, senior fellows, and emeritus fellows actively engage in research projects in diverse areas encompassing a variety of cultures and a wide frame of time.

Kolb Society Expeditions

Kolb fellows excavation in a variety of locations throughout the world.








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